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Garrett Millerick


Dixon Studio, Palace Theatre

Sun 29 November

ST: Garett Millerick

Last year I wrote this bit for my flyer and promised that I’d deliver an hour of pure comedy, no gimmicks, no sad stories. That all went out the window a few weeks before the festival when my wife nearly died, and I had to rewrite the show. It made a complete mockery of everything I’d promised on the flyer. The show ended up being very successful, so it turns out people never hold you to what’s written on the back of these flyers anyway.
In the last twelve months my wife has resolutely refused to nearly die, so it’s going to be missing the emotional impact of last year. There’s nothing I can do about that, I’ve tried. I messed with the brakes on her car, put stuff in her food, no dice. But then again, it’s 2019, everyone is depressed and anxious, the planet is dying and Boris Johnson is Prime Minister. So that’s probably dark enough to be getting on with.
This is my best effort at a defiant battle cryagainst the gloom.
It’s called ‘Smile’.

‘Wonderfully funny’ ★★★★ Dominic Maxwell, The Times

‘Powerhouse performance’ ★★★★ Tristram Fane Saunders, The Telegraph

‘With material that is tight, funny, and irreverent, he’s the comic that other comics want to be’ ★★★★★ Three Weeks

‘Stand-up with a purpose and relevance that packs a punch’ ★★★★ Steve Bennett, Chortle

‘He’s back to delivering the kind of quality, sharply opinionated stand-up that he’s made his Fringe name with…a unique joy’ ★★★★ Brian Donaldson, The List


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